We love video.
Some companies offer video production. Some companies offer creative services. Here, we offer both.
About Dangerous Productions
Based just south of Boston, Dangerous Productions is a full service video production company, with projects ranging from Boston to San Francisco to Italy. Our clients include corporate, broadcast, entertainment and event work. We specialize in listening to our clients, and delivering dynamic videos that hit your objectives, with some serious impact.

What happens when you combine tech-saavy, video enthusiasts with creative-minded individuals? Awesomeness. We can shoot on location anywhere in the world, or in comforts of our digital studio in Easton, MA.

We don’t just edit your video, we help you create something special. Every detail in glorious high defintion+, delivered in any format. Your content brought to life with passion. True passion.

We don’t just make videos, we create something special.
Who are we?

We’re a rogue team of passionate video professionals. We work early. We work late. We work hard. We share a variety of creative styles and skill sets, but our common thread never changes. Ignite creativity, and deliver the best quality video for your project. Every job is a new start and an opportunity to change things.

Dan Hyman
Dan Hyman

Dan started DP in 2000 with a marketing background and passion for film. “When you listen to the client, it clicks. It’s all about creating a video that’s water-tight on production, and dripping with creativity.”

Stephanie Demers
Steph Demers
Steph is a storyteller. She has a background in film, and can create your visual narrative while hitting the bulls eye on client objectives. Steph knows her stuff, and treats each edit with it’s own life. In short, she’s a rock star.

Loi Huynh
Loi Huynh

Loi brings a broadcast media degree from Emerson to DP with precision and energy. Loi can shoot, edit, light, sound and create. Loi makes precision based edits with remarkable consistency.

Samantha Arnold
Steve McAlpin
Program Director

Steve dives into projects with a keen eye for detail and the ability to deliver your message with creativity and clarity. He's an ace in all aspects of production, and knows how to tell a story through the lens.

Our services


On location or in the studio, DP brings the latest gear to life with your story. From single camera shoots to 5-camera event coverage, we’ve ready. We own all of our own gear, travel anywhere and can shoot 4K prestine video from the sky, with advanced smart aerial drone gear. Action.


Editing video is much more than trimming the fat from raw material. Our team looks at each project with a clean slate. Telling a story, selling your product, or driving home a message with clarity and impact.


Script writing, creative design and creative direction. DP takes an agency role in developing your video with attentive passion. We listen to what you want, and make it pop with clarity and style.

?Live Events

Live streaming of your event, online in high definition. We offer single-multi camera set-ups, with all the bells and whistles. Everybody needs to see what you’re doing, we can help.


You’re holding the best video on the planet of your company…now what? DP offers every format option available today. We can get you on television, streaming live online, or make your video downloadable. How do you want it?


Professional photo services available on every budget. From corporate headshots, to events, to product imaging, DP produces beautiful stills of whatever you need. All photos are polished to perfection.

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